1D/2D Trend & Business View

Enalito serves with the best analytical solutions for retail eCommerce businesses. Based on the adamant & intuitive technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Enalito provides in-depth insights into business performance and growth. To deliver excellence in customer segmentation and product clustering, Enalito uses RFM methodology and various performance KPIs to figure out the best customers and products for a store and suggests measures that are surely capable of taking your business, revenue and profits to unmatched heights.

Apart from analyzing the customer and product data and turning them into effective customer segments and product clusters, Enalito provides campaigning solutions that truly uplift business growth. The tool gives access to acknowledge each and every detail of actionable insights related to business. One of the prime features of Enalito for understanding and evaluating business growth is the Business View.

Enalito’s Default Business View takes six KPIs into consideration and uses the value data of any given segment or cluster for acknowledging trends to present an aggregated business score. The business view is presented in a 1D graph. The business score shows the positive or negative standing of the store. This score relies upon the trends over time and analyzes their changes to portray the real picture of the business.

Additionally, Enalito can show any number of trends based on a single KPI or necessary pairing of them. In the ‘Trend’ section of Enalito, a retailer can create as many trends to know the specific direction and growth of the business. These trends are represented in 1D (based on single KPI) & 2D graphs (two KPIs); primarily representing the trends for RF, RM, and FM customer segments and product clusters. These stats of a segment or cluster are based upon RFM scores of the particular segment or cluster.

Let’s get ahead and learn how Enalito analyzes and presents 1D Trend & 2D Trend and the Business view for the segments (clusters) based on Six KPIs.

First, let’s understand What is Trend?

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