Understanding Behavior & KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are measurable values that demonstrate business performance and indicate where to focus business efforts. Thus, tracking the right KPIs can help you make informed business decisions towards desired goals.

For an established e-commerce business, the goals intend to maximize profits and increase brand affinity. Certainly, this requires a critical analysis of how customers engage with your store and also how well your products sell. Learning about their behavior help to strategically allocate resources for higher returns. Hence, enalito reports accurately on all necessary behaviors to understand customers and the product’s performance in real-time.

Find the key behaviors listed below.

  • Purchase Behavior (11 Articles)

    Accounts for all transactional aspects of the store. Insights for purchases made on store reveal customers spending habits and product preferences. This helps you personalize marketing efforts and deliver rich customer experience.

    Likewise, it uncovers selling performance for each of the products. So that, you can optimize the product sale strategy.

    Tip: Segments and Clusters are built on the basis of purchase behavior and the value they provide to the business.Use them for delivering personalized campaigns. This helps you gain the best possible returns on the marketing spends.

    Find the Purchase Behavior KPIs listed below.

  • Browsing Behavior (3 Articles)

    Accounts for customers browsing-related activities on your web-shop. KPIs underlying this behavior reveal interest levels in the site’s products. To put this another way, browsing equals to window shopping.

    Understanding what customers show interest in,  helps you pitch products aptly and aligns your marketing efforts. After all, customers actively browsing are potential buyers.

    Similarly, use insights based on browsing patterns for each of your store’s products. It helps in marketing the products to its likely buyers.

    Find the Browsing Behavior KPIs listed below.

  • Cart Abandoned Behavior (3 Articles)

    Customers shopping on your site may leave without checking out. They have added products in the cart but for some reason didn’t purchase. Such activity accounts for Cart Abandoned Behavior. Analyzing it provides insights to recover sales. Moreover, the insights help in personalizing follow-up mailers.

    Find the listed KPIs of Cart Abandoned Behavior below.

  • Email Behavior (12 Articles)

    Accounts for all reactions and responses towards the sent emails.

    By all means, it lets you understand campaign success. Firstly, enalito classifies email behaviors to report on granular levels and provides insights for each behavior. Using insights, optimize campaigning strategy to initiate buy-able campaigns that improve customer loyalty, increase retention and boost brand affinity.

    Find the different Email Behaviors listed below.

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