Sub-sets of your store’s customers that share common attributes and behaves in a similar way.

Segments let you classify the store’s most important, at-risk, breadwinners and even lost customers to understand the value they bring to the business. Analyzing segments guide you in taking corrective measures in-time. For example, segmenting on the basis of purchase habits, you can identify the store’s Loyal Customers at risk of defection. To win them back, you might strategize personalized marketing efforts such as campaigns offering loyalty discounts.

Moreover, segments help you allocate marketing spend towards the right set of customers instead of campaigning to all that results in scanty returns.

Enalito provides pre-built segments custom to your business and also lets you create your own segments important for your business.

  • Advanced Segmentation (9 Articles)

    Provides predefined segments and tools so that you can deeply understand customer behavior. It keeps you informed about the customers behaving differently with time and transition in their association level with your store. With Advance Segmentation tools, dwell into refined aspects of customer behavior, even historically to optimize marketing efforts for delivering a relevant and personalized experience to boost customer retention, acquisition, loyalty, and profitability.

    Listed are the Advanced Segment types.

  • Pre-Built Segments (31 Articles)

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