Email Behavior

Accounts for all reactions and responses towards the sent emails.

By all means, it lets you understand campaign success. Firstly, enalito classifies email behaviors to report on granular levels and provides insights for each behavior. Using insights, optimize campaigning strategy to initiate buy-able campaigns that improve customer loyalty, increase retention and boost brand affinity.

Find the different Email Behaviors listed below.

  • Email Sent Behavior (3 Articles)

    Accounts for all the store’s email campaigns sent to the customer.

    Tip: Keep a check on the email sent insights. It reveals the store’s approach –  manners. Rather than focusing on bulk emails sent every other day, go for personalized, effective but limited emails.

    Find the Email Sent Behavior KPIs listed below.

  • Email Open Behavior (3 Articles)

    Accounts for behavioral aspects of how the customer opens your emails. Furthermore, Email Open leads to Email Click and then Email Purchase. Thus, making the tracking of Email Open Behavior of utmost importance to understand email interactions and responses.

    Find the Email Open Behavior KPIs listed below.

  • Email Click Behavior (3 Articles)

    Accounts for behavioral aspects of the customer clicking on emails to visit the store. Moreover, insights for this behavior act as a foundation for campaign success.

    Find the Email Click Behavior KPIs listed below.

  • Email Purchase Behavior (3 Articles)

    Accounts for purchases made through sent emails. Notably, its insights help you understand the results of campaign success. For each customer, find how many campaigns help shop compared to the sent emails.

    Find the Email Purchase Behavior KPIs listed below.

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