1D Trend Magnifies KPI Performance

1D Trend is the trend analysis by Enalito that analyzes and provides the result for a single KPI. The graphical presentation of 1D Trend is done in the same manner as other trends (one graph showing the change in values while the other shows the change in trend). In 1D Trend, the trend of only one KPI is tracked, like Average Recency, Order count, Average discount % or any other KPI.

This type of trend gives insights into the exact performance of a KPI for the selected time duration. By doing so, customers or products following a particular trend in relation to the KPI can be figured out, and necessary measures can be taken to improve their engagement or to simply maintain them.

Enalito fetches the store data to run its analytical checks and brings up the accurate status for each KPI. It not only reveals the change in business performance but also suggests what should be done to make the business better. Understanding the 1D trend is quite easy as it shows the status of a single KPI but it gives stronger knowledge of the customer and product’s behavior in response to the store. Analyzing 1D Trend opens a path to an improved and successful business as it brings the focus on enhancing the area that needs the work for growth and betterment of the store.

1D Trend gives deeper insights into the single KPIs as it aims to clear the overall picture of each KPI. On the contrary, the companion of 1D Trend goes one step further to give more in-depth and useful insights. 2D Trend is the upper hand that further refines the trend analysis.

Let’s know what is 2D Trend.

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