How To Create Cluster Based Promo?

  • Click ‘CREATE’ in the upper right corner of the Promo Dashboard and Select ‘Cluster Based Promo’.

  • Enter a Promo Name or the system will generate one. Then Click Next.

  • Select the Product Cluster from the dropdown list, and also enter the No. of Products to campaign from the selected product cluster.

  • Select the ‘Segment’ of customers to whom you want to promote the products of the selected Product Cluster.

  • Select the ‘Recommendation Widget’ from the dropdown list and give a title by which you want to display the widget on the store’s webpages. Assign ‘Priority’ and Select the number of products to display in the widget.

  • Choose if you want to offer a discount or not. If yes, then enter the start date, end date, start time and end time of the discount offering. Also, check if you want to offer ‘Personalized Discount Coupon’. Set the ‘Discount Type’, ‘Discount %’, ‘Coupon Prefix’ and the ‘Minimum Order Value’ to fix the eligibility for customers to get discount.

  • Choose the template for the email campaigns from the Predefined or Saved Templates. You can also create your own email template by coding it or building it from an easy and intuitive drag & drop email editor.

  • The rest of the confirmations and checks including the saving, scheduling and sending the campaigns follow similar steps as ‘Segment Based Promo’.
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