How To Create Customer Segment Based Campaign?

  • On Enalito Dashboard, Click “Campaigns” in the left menu. It will lead to Campaign Dashboard, where all promos (promotions) can be accessed.

  • Right above the campaign detail, you can search campaign by Name or Tag, Campaign Category for example Back in stock campaign, clearance sale campaign, etc, Campaign Type – Customer based campaign or Product base campaign & Status – Incomplete, ready, sent & scheduled.

  • To create a New Promo, Click  “CREATE NEW CAMPAIGN’ in the upper right corner of the Campaign Dashboard and Select the type of promo you want to create (Customer Based Campaign or Product Based Campaign).

  • Let’s create a Customer Segment-based Promo to understand the process. The first thing to do will be to ‘Enter Campaign Name’ (it can be a custom name, or else the system generates one) add tag & input description

  • Select a ‘Customer Segment’ from the list of all customer segments, to whom the promotion is meant to be sent.

  • You can select multiple customer segments for an Email Campaign.

  • Choose whether you want to add a product segment (from which the products will get campaigned to the selected customer segment) add no. of products you want to send & select the default product segment in case you have not selected a product segment.

  • If you would like to exclude a customer segment from the campaign, you can select and exclude with the next step

  • After selecting the customer segment and product segment, add the sender details, Sender Name, Sender email address, Subject, Preview Text & UTM campaign parameter. (it can be a custom name, or else the system generates one)

  • Click on Select Template to get access to all the templates on your Dashboard.

  • Select Template will redirect you to the Template library where you can view all the templates under PRE DEFINE, YOUR OWN & Campaigns. You can search for templates by Name, Tags, or Campaign Category. You can directly upload a HTML template which will appear in YOUR Own tab

  •  Select the desired template and click next on the top right of the screen which will redirect you to template editor section

  • The template editor section allows to you customize the template through options like Content, Rows & Settings. With easy to use drag & drop feature you can create appealing email templates through this editor

  • Once you are done with the customization you can save this template or move on to the next step with the customized template. A click on a dropdown will give you more options like Preview, Save & Continue, Show Structure, Send Test Email & Start from scratch.

  • When you click on Done you will be redirected to the Checklist page. This is the final step before sending or scheduling a campaign. Here you can cross-check all the rules you have added in the previous stages. When you click on Previous you will be redirected to the previous page. By clicking on the Save button this campaign will be saved with the rules you have added and can be sent in the future.

  • The preview section will show you a complete preview of the Template, Emails Id’s the campaign will be sent to with the subject & sender Email Id

  • Test email can also be sent to multiple IDs where you can experience actual email with the complete look & feel.

  • By selecting Send or Schedule button, you can send this customer campaign immediately & when you select the schedule you can choose a future date & time. When you schedule, the campaign will automatically sent to the customer segment on scheduled date & time

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