How To Create Trigger Based Promo?

  • Click ‘CREATE’ in the upper right corner of the Promo Dashboard and Select ‘Trigger Based Promo’.

  • Fill in the details for ‘Select Trigger’. Select the trigger from Product Creation, Customer Creation, Order Creation, Product Update & Customer Update (Selecting any of these means whenever the condition is triggered, the campaign will be launched).

  • Set the ‘Priority’ for the trigger. Click Next.

  • Apply ‘Filter’ to the selected Trigger (it means setting up a filter related with product or customer attributes to match a condition after a trigger gets active)
  • Note that the filters for customer attributes vary from product ones.

  • Set up the filter along with the condition to follow.

  • In order to campaign to finely filtered customers, multiple filters can also be added by clicking ADD. Also, the system can be informed to follow ALL the filter conditions or ANY of them (in case of multiple filters). Then, click Next.

  • Select the customer segment you want to send the campaign to. Click Next.
  • Select the product cluster whose products you want to campaign to the selected customer segment. Click Next.

  • Select if you want to offer a discount or not. If yes, then select Yes and fill in the details.

  • Set up the duration for which you want to offer a discount after the customer receives a campaign. Choose if you want to offer a Personalized Discount Coupon. Set up Discount Type, Discount %, Coupon Prefix & the Minimum Order Value for discount eligibility. 

  • Select Template from the various predefined Layouts and other saved ones. Create your own template by coding or using the simple drag and drop email editor.

  • Edit the content of the selected template as per your need using the intuitive drag and drop builder.

  •  Confirm the created Trigger Based Promo by going through the checklist. Set up the Subject that you want to display when you customers receive the email campaign.

  • Select the Number of Products to campaign in an email. Enable or Disable the Promo from here before saving it.

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