How To Use On-Site Personalization?

  • Click on ‘Onsite Personalization’ in Left Menu. It will lead to Onsite Personalization Dashboard. Enalito provides various Predefined Widgets for each webpage that can be edited too.
  • To create custom personalized widgets, Click ‘Cluster Widget’ next to ‘Predefine Widget’, then click ‘ADD CLUSTER WIDGET’ in the upper right corner. 

  • A dialog box named ‘Add Cluster Widget’ will open.

  • Fill in the ‘Name’ of the widget and ‘Onsite Title’ that will appear as the title of the widget on the store. Select the ‘Onsite List’ that allows choosing on which pages you want the widgets to appear. Also ‘Select Cluster’ of products from which you want to promote the products. 

  • Assign a ‘Tracking Code’ to keep track of the created widget. Check whether you want the widget to be ‘Visible only to customer’ or everyone. Then click SAVE.

  • Once the widget is saved, it will show under the ‘Cluster Widget’ for each page it is assigned to in the ‘Onsite List’ while creating.

  • By clicking on the created widget (i.e Nov Best), you can update the ‘Title’, ‘Template’, ‘Priority’ as well as the ‘Number of products’ to be shown in the widget.

  • This is how custom personalized widgets are created. The widget can be enabled, disabled, updated or deleted from the list of widgets under ‘Cluster Widget’.
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