How To Create Customer Segments?

  • Click ‘Segments (Customers)’ in the Left Bar on Enalito Dashboard. The Segments Dashboard shows all the customer segments.
  • Click ‘CREATE NEW SEGMENT’ in the upper right corner to Create Your Own Segment. Choose the behavior & KPI for the segment you want to create from the Dropdown list.

  • Enter the name and description of the segment you want to create. Select the behavior (Purchase, Browsing, Email, Monthly Buying Behaviour, Cart Abandoned, or Customer Properties) or the attribute you want to base your customer segment.
  • In the case of Purchase Behavior, set up the appropriate KPI. Select the Operator.
  • Add value & select the time duration you want to segment customers for; in accordance with the attribute and the operator set for it.

  • Once Filters are set, click on Create Segment to confirm. You can also add other conditions with different operators, values & duration to refine the customer segments. The segment can be saved right here (or at any stage), or other filters can be updated to get more drilled-down segments. By clicking on Check Count you will get to know the total no of customers found in this segment.

  • This is how Customer Segments are used. You can form a segment with either one of the behaviors or include all of them. Save the segment with as many filters to derive the most effective customer segments for your business.

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