How To Use Special Triggered Emails?

  • Click on the ‘Special Triggered Emails’ in the Left Menu. It will lead to the predefined Abandoned Cart Emails, Browsing History, Miss You & Order Follow-up Email.

  • For ‘Abandoned Cart1’, you are asked to enter the email address in ‘From’ to choose the email ID you want to send an email from. Then it asks to enter the ‘Hours to wait’ before sending an email after a customer has abandoned a cart. You can also choose the email ‘Template’, the ‘Subject’ line and the ‘Message’ to be sent.

Enalito allows adding a personalized widget in the email body, for which you can select a ‘Product cluster’, ‘Title’, ‘Priority’ and the ‘Number of Products’ to offer in it.

  • You can also check if you want to offer a discount in the emails or not. The system allows to set the ‘Discount Type’, ‘Discount Value or Percentage’, ‘Coupon Code’, ‘Coupon Validity (in days)’ and the ‘Minimum Order Value’.

  • Similarly, the settings for ‘Abandoned Cart2’ & ‘Abandoned Cart3’ can be made, except that the ‘Abandoned Cart1’ email is sent within hours of abandonment while ‘Abandoned Cart2’ and ‘Abandoned Cart3’ emails are sent in duration of days. The hours and days can be solely decided by you.

  • Similarly, Special Triggered Emails based on ‘Browsing History’ can be sent to the customers who have browsed particular products.

  • ‘Miss You’ emails can be sent to customers who haven’t shown up for a long time. The settings can be adjusted like ‘Abandoned Cart1’.

  • The ‘Order Followup’ emails are sent to appreciate and thank the customers. These also have the similar settings as other ‘Special Triggered Emails’.

  • This is how ‘Special Triggered Emails’ are customized according to the interest of the business. Note that the ‘Status’ of these emails can be enabled or disabled from the upper right corner.
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