Mobile First: What are the facts of sales from different device types, geography, and channels?

While running an online store, it is necessary to know the exact details from where the customers are coming. Without this information, a store is so much in the wrong direction. If a store doesn’t know where the customers are coming from, it can’t target and attract customers from where they can be acquired. The sales record from different sources should be known and acknowledged to know where to target the campaigning efforts.

Enalito provides the most in-depth analytics for retailers to determine the incoming sales. It informs about all the possible and vivid sales sources. It provides deep insights for both customers and customer segments (and for products and product clusters too). With this further segmentation based on sales sources, Enalito sets another step towards insightful analytics.

Apart from purchase history, browsing history, and other aspects, Enalito gives insights into Attribute-Based Purchase Details. It serves 7 attribute-based purchase details based on 3 primary categories to acknowledge the sales. The primary categories are:

  1. Order Value
  2. Order Count
  3. Product Quantity

Enalito provides 7 attribute-based purchase details for each of these categories- order value, order count and product quantity sold. The attribute-based purchase details simplify business understanding from the sales perspective. They give insightful details to know how much order value, order count and product quantity (sales) has been achieved and from where.

The 7 attribute-based purchase details for better comprehension of sales sources are:

  1. Channel
  2. Device Category
  3. City
  4. Product Type
  5. Style
  6. Region
  7. Vendor

The attribute-based purchase details give actual stats about the sales channel (Referral, social, email, direct, organic, paid search or other), device category (mobile or desktop), City, Product Type (types of products offered on a store), Style (like red, white, red-soft fruity for a wine collection), region (country), Varietal (where it is applicable) and Vendor.

A retailer can dive deep in insights into the sales on the basis of different device types, geographical details, and channels of the sales. In product context, the three categories (order value, order count, product quantity) are simplified through 3 attribute-based purchase details, which are:

  1. Channel
  2. Device Category
  3. City

Based on these 3 attributes, products are acknowledged to know the channels from where they got sold. Enalito also tells devices from which they were bought and the cities they were ordered from.

Enalito provides significant insights to let retailers know the most profound details about their business. With Enalito, a retailer can find and work upon every single detail of their customers. It also informs where to focus the campaigns and from where the business can get the best results.

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