Online Retail: Analyzing New Customer Acquisition Cost and Success

Enalito is an all-in-one solution for eCommerce business needs. But let’s see what it does for new customer acquisition to cut the cost and contribute to business success. It runs a deep analysis of the store’s data and shows which customers are behaving which way. The system acknowledges their visits, purchases, and their responses towards campaigns.

The intuitive Enalito fetches customer & product data to give insights into business performance. The dashboard displays three different sections of graphs. One shows the Digital spend ( i.e money spent to get new customers and leverage existing ones). The second one shows new buyers cardinality ( i.e the number of new customers gained through digital spend). The third one shows repeated buyers cardinality ( i.e engagement of existing customers through digital spend). These sections further show two graphs each. One shows month-wise ‘Change in trend’. While the second one shows month-wise ‘Trend’. Trend shows difference in digital spend, new customer cardinality and repeated buyers cardinality.

Enalito’s AI-powered analytics fetch the data and provide the best solution. It informs which campaigns perform the best, while which channels gives the best customers. It also shares the number of new customers acquired each month and how many of the existing customers are turning loyal, and at what pace. The tool delivers a Customer 360-degree view to represent the real business status. It also serves useful insights that help to reduce marketing costs by taking useful campaigning decisions.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to get new customers at least budget. If you’ve been looking for a tool to leverage the Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Or if you want to create effective campaigns, then Enalito is the final abode to resolve your all business problems.

Enalito stands out in delivering error-free analytical solutions for your online store. We offer it at a price that will prove too little in comparison to the benefits we deliver. To gain more insights about Enalito, explore the website and other blog posts. Enalito aims to give solutions to each problem that retailers encounter. We guide retailers on their way to success and we deliver it with precision.

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