Online Retail: Analyzing Per Customer Revenue Growth of the store

Revenue Per Customer is the amount contributed by an individual customer. ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) is the standard for utilizing the average amount of money contributed by every customer of the store. Analysis of revenue per customer gives insights into business growth. It happens by acknowledging the monetary contribution made by its customers.

Enalito helps to achieve this beyond the common practices and also quite deeper into the customer details. As it is quite simple to get the average by simple knowledge of total revenue collected from the total number of customers. Yet how can a business realize which customer is contributing how much money to the store? Enalito can do this in a click.

The product creates accurate customer segments to analyze each customer’s purchase behavior. It accesses and categorizes data through insightful KPIs to reflect the business position.

Enalito splits the customer data into various insightful points. The points are monetary contribution, average order value, order count, etc for each customer segment. Average order value shows the amount of money contributed on average by each customer of the segment. Although in any customer segment, the retailer can also see revenue per customer of each customer as Monetary Value.

Revenue Per Customer is one information compared to how many informations Enalito provides. Enalito also indicates AOV, Order Recency & Frequency, Average Latency & Discount % for each customer. It provides all this information for any period or even lifetime of the store.

Enalito excels in serving the in-depth insights for customers and customer segments. These insights are the result of reading the till-date behavioral data of the customers. It also predicts the FLTV (Future Lifetime Value) for each customer too. Enalito is a tool that ingests data to serve the most authentic and reliable results. Insights that boost any retail business’ growth, status, revenue, and profits.

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