Online Retail: Do “Do not disturb” customers contribute equally to revenue?

In an online business, there are many visitors and customers who prefer not to receive any emails or notifications of any kind. Although emails and push notifications are great means for campaigning, it gets difficult to campaign in the absence of such channels. Many customers opt for ‘Do not disturb’ option to not get any push notifications and emails. Yet, the question is does ‘Do not disturb’ customers contribute equally to the revenue?

An online store can’t breach the permission of customers at any cost by finding a way to somehow send emails or notifications. So it has to campaign without bothering and annoying them at all. But how? Social Media is the answer. It is one of the most dynamic and engaging channels these days to attract customers.

Enalito excels at offering meaningful social media campaigns too. Through social media campaigns, Enalito addresses campaigns to those customers who stay away from email campaigning and attract them to contribute to the store.

The product suite gives access to address customers on social media and also track their contribution to the revenue. The social media campaigns can be of Paid Ad type but they are well targeted on interested customers. Enalito doesn’t risks leaving ‘Do not disturb’ customers on their own and initiates social media campaigns. Such campaigns are capable of driving customers to buy as much as email and other campaigning mediums do.

Enalito, with its command in social media campaigning, turns ‘Do not disturb’ customers into as profitable as those campaigned with emails and other channels. The product suite uses social media channels to create sales opportunities to enhance business growth. Besides, Enalito also gives access to track and realize the contribution of customers through campaigns and to the revenue accordingly.

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