Online Retail: Effect of seasonal influences of Demand, Revenue, and Profitability

Seasonality is the phenomenon of customers as well as products which makes the purchases and sales to happen during a particular season or time of the year. There are many products that have demand and profitability in a particular season. Even customers have seasonal behavior which drives them to make purchases during a particular time of a year. This aspect of customers and products influence the demand, revenue, and profitability of business. Without its proper analysis, a business can’t predict the effects and influences of Seasonality.

Enalito gives the power of figuring demand, revenue, and profitability from customer and product’s seasonal behaviors. It goes deep into the data and figures the response of customers and products in different seasons. Enalito provides each month’s score of seasonality for each customer and product (segments & clusters too).

The seasonal influences on various aspects of sales can’t be ignored. Almost each customer and product reflects some seasonal preferences. Enalito studies purchase and browsing behavior of each customer and product (segments & clusters). Further, it assigns a score from 1-5 (1 being worst to 5 being best). Such a score is assigned to each customer and product for each month of the year as per their seasonal response.

If a customer makes purchases during April-June only, then the seasonality for that period will be best compared to the rest of the months. Same happens in the case of products where products having special demand in specific months reflect the best seasonal score. Enalito removes the hassle for retailers in figuring which customers and products will respond positively and at what time.

Enalito not only suggests the seasonal performance of customers and products but also helps to know:

1. Demand (whether a product is browsed or sold, a customer has browsed or purchased),

2. Revenue (how much amount the products have raised, how much amount customers have contributed), and

3. Profitability (how much profit is made by products and customers) during different seasons.

Enalito delivers the complete knowledge of the effects of seasonal influences. It provides exceptional insights for enhancing business performance at any time of the year. Enalito is the analytical powerhouse to serve the 360-degree solution for all your business needs.

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