Online Retail: In-depth analysis of products to determine the most appropriate customers to promote them to

The proper analysis of products and clusters leads to the knowledge of customers who might be willing to buy. Without the knowledge of customer interest, it becomes critical to know which customers to campaign to garner sales. A good understanding of products is necessary to send effective campaigns.

Enalito implements cluster-based segmentation to find relativity between products of a cluster and customers of a specific segment-type. The products of a cluster are compared with the segment types like order history, recently viewed etc. Then which customers have the probability to show interest in and make purchases from a product cluster are realized.

The product suite tracks the browsing and purchase activity of customers to find their interest in a product or product cluster. Enalito does an in-depth analysis of products to determine the ideal customers to promote products. It is a smart strategy by Enalito to sell what a customer wants to buy, instead of offering every product to every customer.

Enalito emphasizes reading the customer’s behavior in accordance with the product behavior. This leads to a better understanding of the relativity between the products and clusters of any business. It becomes reliable to implement campaigns based on customer-specific aspects. This can lead to sales from realizing the most appropriate customers for each product cluster.

The in-depth analysis of products by Enalito categorizes all the customers and products in accordance with each other. This results in favorable and profitable insights to promote products. It helps to sell products to appropriate customers who are probable prospects to purchase from all the campaigns.

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