Online Retail: Maximizing revenue and profits by optimal discounting for each customer and product

For every business, there are customers who tend to buy at discounts and there are products that also tend to sell at a particular discount. But, the rate of discount for both the entities decide whether it is good for revenue or not. This is why optimal discounting is a must to keep the sales going up while the revenue rises along. But how can a business find out the optimal discounting for each customer and product?

Enalito analyses purchase data for both customers and products to know the optimal discounting for each one of them. It tracks the rate of discount at which a product usually gets sold and a customer usually buys at. Enalito makes it easy to determine whether the discount is necessary to offer or not.

The analytical engine comes up with campaigns to offer products at discount (or not) to increase the probability of making a sale. Optimal discounting takes care that a product or customer shouldn’t offer or gain discounts that are more than needed. It also keeps an eye to not offer a discount where it is not at all required to make a sale.

The product suite not only stops here and finds the optimal discounting for customer segments and product clusters also. Enalito runs its adamant data check and understands the optimal discounting to offer to the customers of a segment or on the products of a cluster. By doing so, Enalito enables businesses to cut-off the marketing budget. It helps to avoid offering the same discount to all customers or discounting a product at a fixed rate.

Enalito maximizes the profits by offering optimal discounting for each customer and on every product. It limits and fairly uses the marketing budget rather than spilling it in a wasted manner. The suite suggests discounts that can drive sales and also lend a hand in increasing profits. It gives the power to use discounts in a favorable and profitable way.

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