Online Retail: Which products should be promoted on which channels?

The main motive of marketing should be to yield the best outcomes from the least efforts. It can be done only when it’s targeted in the right direction. Marketing gives desired results when it reaches the right prospects. However, to reach the right prospect, it is necessary to approach them on the right channel. In recent times, there are many traditional channels along with many new ones that contribute a huge sales flow to online stores.

It is a matter of concern to know which and how many customers come from which of the channels. Also, it is necessary to track which products get sold from which channels. Without this knowledge, it is a waste of marketing dollars to hit every channel, yet not yield as many sales that could surface from a single one. It is necessary to know which products should be promoted on which channels. This is what Enalito does for you.

Enalito tracks the incoming point of each customer. t also tracks the channel-wise sales of products. Channel means digital entry points like email and social media. The product suite creates product clusters and analyzes sales data of clusters and each product too. Enalito shows a pie chart for customers (segments) and products (clusters). It denotes wherefrom the customers and sales are achieved.

These insights give the one-shot direction to know which products should be promoted on which channels. Enalito guides retailers to focus their marketing budget at the right place. By doing so, online stores can generate the most revenue and profits. It suggests promoting and campaigning on only those channels which have proved to contribute sales in the past. With Enalito’s profound analytics, everything can be easily known and used to drive better outcomes of profitability.

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