What is Trend?

In the most general sense, Trend is the feature of Enalito that studies the behavior (Purchase, Browsing, Email) of a KPI (Average Latency, AOV, etc) for a time duration to understand the business performance for the selected KPI during a time period. The Trend can be found for all the KPIs and it shows the change in the business performance between two points of time. For example, if ‘Average Latency’ of a customer segment for September 2019 is 39.51 days, which used to be 38.51 days in September 2018, then the difference between these two figures has increased by 1, that shows a ‘low trend’ as Average Latency is best when it’s decreasing with time.

The trend is presented in a graph that represents the change in behavior of KPIs with their corresponding values at every point for the selected duration. Another graph shows the ‘change in trend’ presenting the difference of values for every point of the selected duration. Both the KPIs and Duration can be selected as per the need of the business.

Now as we know that trend defines the business performance of various KPIs for a time duration, then what is the difference between the 1D and 2D Trend? Let’s find out.

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